In 2017, the JMP was changed drastically when the program shifted from a Bachelor of Medicine (BMed) to a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

As such, much of the material and resources gathered by our predecessors became no longer applicable to the new incoming cohorts.

As a result, ‘MedEd’ was born.

MedEd is a brand-new society started by a passionate group of medical students from the new MD program.


1. To create interactive, concise and evidence-based resources based upon learning point frameworks and clinical experience.

2. To organise educational events – we are currently planning OSCE teaching events and a fun interactive, game-style learning event is in the works.

This year we will primarily be focusing on 1st and 2nd year content, however we are still hoping to organise events for other year groups and our second-hand resource guide has good stuff for everyone!