Year 1 – Semester 1 Infographics

Working Problem 2

Working Problem 3



Central Dogma

HPA Axis

Working Problem 4

Working Problem 5

Functions of the CNS

Histology: Basic Tissues

Neurons and how they communicate

Overview of the Immune System

Organisation of the Nervous System

The stages of wound healing

Working Problem 6

Working Problem 7

Regulation of Blood Pressure

Gas Exchange

Regulation of Blood Pressure

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Research Study Designs

Mechanical Events of the Cardiac Cycle

Surface Anatomy for Auscultation

Nervous System, Neurons and Neurotransmitters


The Circulatory System

Working Problem 8

Working Problem 9

Blood Vessel Histology


Muscle Contraction

Referred Pain

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Anatomy of the Heart

Pathological Heart Sounds

Working Problem 10

Working Problem 11

General Findings on Chest X-Ray

Pneumonia vs Influenza

Mechanics of Breathing


Neural Control of Respiration

Pulmonary Function Tests (Spirometry)

Working Problem 12

Working Problem 13

Ventilation/Perfusion Ratio

Cardiac Output

Blood pH Control


Cell Changes and Cancer

JVP Wave

Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

Working Problem 14

Working Problem 15

Heart Embryology and Congenital Defects

Genetics: Mutations, Inheritance and Modifiers

Cystic Fibrosis

Working Problem 16

Working Problem 17

Anatomy of GIT and Abdomen

Mechanism of Emesis

Abdominal X-Ray

GI Microorganisms

Layers of the GIT

Basics of Diagnostic Tests

Working Problem 19

Features of the Bowel

GI Absorption