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Visual learner? We also release infographics most weeks based on hand-selected topics. Our Design and Content Development Teams create awesome flowcharts to help explain tricky concepts.


Group learning is key in developing important communication skills and is also invaluable to your education. That is why we will be running a series of events throughout the year.


An evidence-based interactive flashcard app. We release weekly decks based on your learning points for you to practice! Want to know more? See the Anki Guide in our ‘Content’ section!

Resource Guide

We have collated a comprehensive list of useful resources that your peers and seniors use. If you have any more to add please contact us and we will add them in!

Surgery Resources

Visit this page to view resources dedicated to students studying the surgical sciences

General Medicine Resources

Visit this page to view resources dedicated to students on their general medicine rotations

Practice Exams

Visit this page to practice exams for JMP students by MedEd

OSCE Resources

Visit this page to view OSCE preparation resources by MedEd


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